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The procedures of border export and import are as follows:

(1)Export Policy

Myanmar’s export policy is to penetrate new foreign markets by using of natural and human resources effectively and promote value-added products in addition to conventional goods.

(2) Import Policy

Regarding the import policy, import is allowed against the export earnings with a view to promote export and to overcome the balance of trade deficit problems.

The import policy of Myanmar is to prioritize imports of capital goods , industrial machineries, other essential items , medical equipments, commodities which can be used in enhancing exports and encouraging export-substitution goods.

Licence should be applied for any export or import. The authority to issue export/import licences and permits is dedicated to Directorate of Trade and Department of Border Trade under the Ministry of Commerce. Directorate of Trade Department is authorized to issue export/import licences and permits for conventional export/import by overseas. The Department of Border Trade is authorized to issue export/import licences for cross border trade with the neighboring countries.

Online Licensing Application Procedures

In order to expedite the licensing process for exporters and importers, online licensing application is allowed in the following ways:

(1) Applying the licence through the website,, where the application form can be downloaded.

(2) Applying the licence through Public Access Center (PAC) where soft copy of application form can be available or PAC staff fills application form with the data provided by the exporter/importer in CD/Diskette/Stick.

(3) Applying license through “ Online Service Center” where the staffs will carry out license applying process on behalf of exporter or importer.

All the online applications are then transferred to the respective departments and invoice , contract and other related documents are to be sent through fax for scrutinizing process.