World Trade Organization

Since 1947, Myanmar was the founder member of GATT which was the original Organization of the WTO. In 1995, it was transformed GATT into World Trade Organization (WTO) ,  Myanmar has continuous included as a member. From 1997, Ministry of Commerce starts to conduct as National Enquiry Point For WTO. One officer from the Ministry of Commerce has assigned at the World Trade Organizational Myanmar representative office in Geneva, Switzerland. In current, U Aung Min Thyke has assigned as a counselor in Geneva and can be contacted to him through his email [email protected].

Ministerial Conference is held every two years and Myanmar delegation headed by Union Minister have to attend regularly. Currently 10th WTO Ministerial conference will be held at Nairobi, Kenya from 15 to 18 December 2015 and Myanmar representatives shall attend that conference .

Representatives from the concerned Ministries in Myanmar have been gone to take workshops , discussions and training which are associated with World Trade Organizational agreements holding in the region headed by the WTO. Moreover, regional discussions and national discussions which are relating to WTO have been holding in Myanmar.

The Basic principles of the WTO -            

  1. Non discrimination in Trade
  2. To be made Free Trade  by Negotiations
  3. Transparency
  4. To enforce the equitable competition
  5. To enforce the economic reform and development

Obligations of the WTO-

  1. To manage the implementation of Trading commitments agreed by the member countries
  2. To conduct Trade related Negotiations
  3. To settle the Trade related disputes
  4. To test the national trade policy from each country
  5. To give technical assistance and training for developing countries
  6. To corporate with other international organizations.