Registration as Exporter / Importer

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Registration as Exporter / Importer

The following individual/enterprises desirous of carrying on export/import business may apply to the Directorate of Trade for registration as exporter/importer:

•           A citizen or associate citizen or naturalized citizen if the applicant is a sloe proprietor;

•           Partnership firms;


The following enterprises registered under Myanmar Companies Act and Special Company Act of 1950

•           Limited Companies (inclusive of foreign companies’ branches)

•           Joint Venture Corporation.

               Co-operative societies registered under the Co-operative Societies Law


Registration of exporters/ importers and business representatives up to 281th February, 2015

Business Registration  

No. of Registered During February, 2015

Total Number as at 281th February, 2015


221          35935

Business Representatives

5         3364

Necessary Documents for Application of the Registration of Exporter/Importer 

*          The original “Memorandum of Association” and “Articles of Association”

*        Application Form with Company Letter Head

*        Exporter/Importer Registration Form

*         The Copy of the letter of the Company Registration Office for the issuing of Certificate of Registration

*         Two copies of the Certificate of Company Registration

*       The certified copy of Form 26 which is recognized by Company Registration Office.

*         The copies of National Registration Card (or) Citizenship Scrutiny Card, Photo and Specimen Signature of Board of Directors

*          Certificate of the Membership of UMFCCI