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About Trade Training Institute

The Trade Training Institute (TTI) is a non-profit training and research institution built concept of a public-private partnership (PPP). It is established by the Ministry of Commerce with the purpose of trade promotion under the new Government regime.

Courses Offered

TTI started Basic Course in April, 2012 which is four months course joined participants from Private sector (especially from trading business activities). Basic course was started on April 2012.


To be an internationally reputed training institute for education and training of the highest standard on trade and international business related subjects and a centre for trade policy research.

The Trade Training Institute intends to raise its competitiveness.


To enhance trade and business knowledge of the government and private sector officials, top quality education and training.

In order to attain the vision and mission, the TTI is working forward trade capacity building through high quality training programmers.

It conducts both specialized and general training on trade and business issues for officials of both public and private sectors in order to promote competitiveness of Myanmar.

The Faculty

The high officials who have many years experience in respective trade related subjects and the professional experts of private sector and international experts who have global business knowledge are invited for TTI.