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Technology Extension Department-2, MAPT is rending the following technology assistance to private sector:
(1)    Undertakes to protect national losses and to enter export market in production process (harvesting, threshing, drying, storage, processing, packaging and handling) for agricultural products.
(2)    Undertakes to export qualified agricultural product in line with the standardization and innovate machineries for every stage and assist technology awareness.
(3)    Conducts to develop industrial product based on domestic agriculture and to enter market through value-added products, improving number of industries year by year.
(4)    Conducts to encourage export product and to promote cottage industries to small and medium industries.
(5)    Conducts to assist production of import substitution and development of industrial zones and small and medium industries. 
Technology Extension Department-2 undertakes the following consultancy services for Agricultural product processing:
(1)    Conducts service on design, estimate, installation, test run and commissioning of modern grain storages, modern rice mills, parboiled plants and bran oil mills etc.

(2)    Conducts     service on modification, rehabilitation of existing rice mills and bran oil mills.


(3)Conducts installation services of efficient machinery units of rice and bran oil mill processing.

Technology Extension Department-2 undertakes the following consultancy services for renewable energy producing and exploitation , and other power resources.
(1)    Conducts service of Bio fuel and Gasifier producing and Bio gas Plant.
(2)    Converts system of diesel and Petrol cars into CNG system.
Technology Extension Department-2 undertakes the disseminating of technology information through:
(1)    Commerce Journal (public awareness program)
(2)    Post harvest technology booklet

Technology Extension Department-2 undertakes the following training of grain processing, value added processing and packaging etc:
(1)    Operation and maintenance of rice milling and bran oil milling
(2)    Technology of grain dryers and storages
(3)    Value added processing
(4)    Modern packaging system and its advantages
Since Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the development of rural area micro and small industry under the Central Rural area poverty reduction committee, MAPT has been implementing the responsibilities of rural area micro and small industrial development. Union Minister U Win Myint, Chairman of the development of rural area micro and small industry supporting committee, accompanied with Managing Director, General Manager and concerned party, inspected and gave suggestion in five villages (seiktharkan, sonekone, hteesoung, magyisin, ywartaung) of Sagaing region and six villages (sinmakyat, pyarsi, watkaw, kyarinn, kanyoe, linyawkhin) of  Bago region, and discussed with rural people warmly and cordially about current condition, issues and supporting plan in detail.

         Seiktharkan                  sonekone                        hteesoung                         magyisin                          ywartaung

         Sinmkyat                  Pyarsi                      watkaw                    Kyarinn                   Kanyoe                   Linyawkhin