Myanmar Inspection & Testing Services Ltd (MITS)

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Myanmar Inspection and Testing Services Ltd (MITS)


Myanmar Inspection and Testing Services Ltd (MITS) is a recognized enterprise rendering commodity inspection services which was established under Notification No.29/90 10 October 1990 of Ministry of Trade (now Ministry of Commerce) and also affiliate as a limited Joint Venture Company constituted by shares of Myanma Agricultural Produce Trading, under the Ministry of Commerce.

MITS is an authorized organization in the field of inspection, verification and the commodities in export & import business with its fully trained experienced staff with extensive knowledge in the supervision of sampling and weighing of all commodities.
MITS undertakes the following lines of services:
(a) Preshipment survey of goods for export.
(b) Survey of exported goods at destination
(c) Survey of imported goods before effecting shipment and at destination.

MITS is conducting the inspection and testing services for exported goods and imported goods very precisely, swiftly and correctly.
Export & Import commodities inspection has been carried out by experienced personnel of MITS for the following commodities:
(a) Agricultural crops: such as rice and rice products, beans and pulses, maize, sesame, oil cakes and other agriproducts, chilly, onion, ginger etc:
(b) Forestry products: rubber, cane/rattan, bamboo and its products etc:
(c) Mineral products: such as petroleum coke etc:
(d) Manufacturing products: fertilizer, glasses and cement etc:
(e) Animal products: hides & skins, duck feather, bones and horns etc:
(f) Marine products: fish and prawn, live-crabs etc:
(g) Fruits and vegetables: such a mangoes, apples, limes, lychee etc:
(h) Machinery and its spare parts.
(i) Food stuff and general commodities: such as cooking oil, wheat, cashew nut and preserved mango etc:
(j) Lubricants: raw oil, fuel oil.
(k) Motorvehicle and its spare parts.
(l) Construction and project bridge materials.
(m) Electrical goods.
(n) Textile goods and Handicraft products.
(o) Dairy products: such as condensed milk, evaporated milk etc:
(p) Palm Oil (In bulk & in drums)
(q) Industrial oil for making soap (In bulk)

MITS Provides the high quality services on inspection as follows:-
Quality control : sampling
inspection, Marking and packing conditions.
Weight Control : Weighing and checking the weight and tonnage loaded.
Supervision : Supervise the loading throughout.
Inspection : Inspection of ship holds/tanks for cleanliness.

MITS is a recognized insurance surveyor and operates independently. With MITS surveys and appraisals, the customers (importers) can be assumed of a fair assessment should the imported cargo be damaged or lost.
All analytical works, as and when necessary, are done by the MITS and in some cases, with the cooperation of the Central Research Organization and other Government Laboratories.
For all inspection and survey job conducted and undertaken by the MITS, Views, Suggestions and Inspection Certificates are given strictly in accordance with the contractual terms and specifications independently and impartially.

(a) Fees for inspection services done in abroad shall be claimed in United States Dollar.
(b) Fees for inspection services done in local shall be claimed in kyats or United States Dollar.