Export/Import Procedure

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Export Import Procedures

Laws and Orders

The law governing export, import, carriage of passenger baggage, etc. by the state owned organizations or private enterprises or private individuals of the Union of Myanmar, is the control of Imports and Exports (Temporary) Act, 1947, which is till in force up to now.


Registration of Exporter/Importer

The following enterprises desirous of carrying on export/import business may apply to the Directorate of Trade, Ministry of Commerce for registration as exporter/importer:

(a)        The following enterprises registered under Myanmar Companies Act and Special Company Act of 1950

-           Limited Companies (inclusive of foreign companies /branches)

-           Joint Venture Corporation.

(b)        Co-operatives societies registered under the Co-operative

           Societies Law.

Term of Registration Fee and Extension Fee

Term of registration fee and extension Fee for exporter/importer are as follows:

(a)        Term of registration fee and extension fee for one year 50,000/-


(b)        Term of registration fee and extension fee for two years

            100,000/- Kyat


Rights of the Registered Exporter/Importer

The following are the rights of registered exporter/importer:

(a)        To export all products in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulation except for those which are prohibited by the state and the products prescribed to be solely undertaken by the state-owned economic enterprise;

(b)        To import all products in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulation, with the foreign exchange (earned on export) or using any other permitted methods of import;

(c)        To do border trade business in accordance the prescribed rules and regulations, but registered exporter/importer should not be a foreign firm;

(d)       To distribute by whatever means available in the local market;

(e)        To apply for issuance of business pass-port;

(f)        To receive the foreign guest for business negotiation.



Documents attached for applying Import Licenses

-           Import License application letter with company’s letter head

-           Import License application letter (with 6ks revenue stamp)

-           The original copy of Proforma Invoice

-           Sales contract

-           Export Earning recommendation

-           Recommendation from government departments concern of and organization concerned (If needed)


Documents attached for applying Export Licenses

-           Application Form with the company’s Letter Head

-           Online Export Application Form

-           Proforma Invoice/Sales Contract

-           Copy of Certificate of Exporter & Importer Registration

-           Necessary documents to be submitted for the exported commodity

-           Recommendations from related ministries concerned