Introduction Course on WTO (Principles and General Rules) (News)

Thu, 02/08/2024 - 03:31 -- DotTrading

Introduction Course on WTO (Principles and General Rules)


1.            The opening ceremony of the Introduction Course on WTO (Principles and General Rules) was held in the conference hall, of the Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce, office No. (3) at Naypyitaw on February 5, 2024 from (13:00 to 13:30).

2.            The opeining ceremony was attended by the Union Minister for Ministry of Commerce U Htun Ohg, Director Generals, Deputy Director Generals, Directors, Trainer and 54 partcipants from the Ministry of Commerce.

3.            Firstly, the Union Minister, delivered the opening speech highting the significance of international and trade matters, activities of the World Trade Organization, Principles and General Rules, multinational agreements, the commitments to be followed in the implementation and disputed issues.

4.            In accordance with the World Trade Organization's commitment to transparency, Myanmar has extended notifications on trade regulation regularly and trade policy review meeting was conducted in 2014, and in 2021, for (2) times.

5.            The Minister delivered that by carefully studying and memorizing the lessons that will be taught by the trainers, the participant will be able to assist their Ministry in dealing with World Trade Organization issues.

6.             In this course, those were served ‌as Counselor at the WTO (head office) in Geneva, Switzerland. Will teach the participant shared their knowledge will be taught and shared with the officers under the Ministry of Commerce in Naypyitaw.