Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce in Myanmar is now searching for an implementing agency to provide service concerning with Digital Economy and Innovation Advocacy with high responsibilities and accountabilities.

The Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Republic of the Union of Myanmar invites eligible bidders of any firms to express their interest in Competitive Bid to provide for Advocacy service. This is to be performed with the Grant Aid.The Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Republic of the Union of Myanmar is eligible to a three-year grant under the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) partnership for LDCs, hosted at the World Trade Organization. The Department of Trade is now planning to propose a new project on services enhancement in Myanmar, with a focus on digital innovation and e-commerce. In that context, we would like to assess your interest to partner with Ministry of Commerce and work as an implementing entity of our activities on digital economy and innovation.

We prefer the following qualifications to fulfill the service qualities:

  • Status of your institution (public, private, association, NGO, other) and registration in Myanmar
  • Specific mandate for the promotion of digital innovation, digital economy and e-commerce
  • Strong Evidence in ICT infrastructure and installation capacity
  • Having advocacy or outreach group solely focusing on digital innovation, digital economy and e-commerce
  • Being authorized organization to receive funding from international organizations
  • Existing capacity (staff / facilities) to manage donor-funded projects or would you need to hire project staff for that purpose
  • Rules on contract services in Myanmar
  • Condition of Accounts and Auditions bi-annually or annually
  • Past experiences on joint project with Government Agencies in Myanmar
  • Experience on received funding from by international donors for advocacy projects
  • Additional in-kind contributions that you can add to the project budget if selected (please monetize this information if possible)

We would sincerely appreciate your answer before Thursday November 23 close of business, Myanmar time. Please contact the followings if you need further information.


Ph: 067-408261, 067-408315; Fax – 067-408311

Email: [email protected]. [email protected]